Friday, August 19, 2011

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

I know it's been a month since I've posted but honestly, it's just too damn hot to cook. There I said it. Rest assured I will be back in the kitchen once the weather gets below 150 degrees. Good grief this has been ridiculous.

In the meantime, grab your friends, spouse, kids, stranger from the Internet and enjoy someone else's A/C for awhile. Saves you money on groceries AND electricity. So not only do I provide great food ideas, but I'm your social and financial life coach as well.

PS. Notice no mention of Absinthe in my post, yet it works for my title? I'm so punny.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

DJ Rutledge Takes Requests

I've been asked to share a couple of recipes. Now, I don't just do this for anyone. It takes a special person for me to actually sit down and think about my recipe and share it upon request.  (We are ignoring the fact that I write a blog in which I do just that, but I digress)  A very special person. Or family. Or friends. Or friends on Facebook. Or co-workers. Hell, who am I kidding. If you are cute and smile at me, I'll spill my guts . The point I'm trying to make here is that I was specifically asked to share my Baked Beans and Chicken Enchilada recipes by some special folks and so enjoy.  Spoiled brats.

Baked Beans

4 Cans Pork N Beans ( don't use those grillin beans with the fancy picture on the can...that's cheating!)
6 slices of cooked and crumbled bacon ( you can use those real bacon pieces that come in a bag or jar if you like.  no that's not cheating, don't question me, it's just not)
2 Tbs mustard 
3 Tbs ketchup
2 Tbs Brown Sugar
2 Tbs Maple Syrup
1/4 chopped onion
Salt and Pepper

In a glass baking dish add the beans, onions, mustard and ketchup.  I pick out the fatty pieces in the beans because I think they are weird and the texture kills me. If you like it, more power to ya.  Stir. Next add the brown sugar, bacon and syrup.  Stir.  This is the point where I take a taste to see if it's too sweet or not sweet enough.  If you like really sweet baked beans add some more sugar.  If it's too sweet for your liking, then add a bit more mustard.  Add salt and pepper and stir one last time.  Place in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees.  Done.  Quick and dirty and full of awesomeness. 

Feeling lazy and figure that since you turned the oven on and chopped things you shouldn't be expected to actually cook anything else? Add some sliced hot dogs or sausage to it and you have a meal.  Let them argue with that. 

Now as we all know I'm a fan of the hot and spicy.  When I make this for my own indulgence I use habanero mustard and chipotle ketchup.  I will also add some chopped jalapenos when I'm feeling feisty, however I will warn you, it is pretty damn spicy. Good but spicy.   

Chicken Enchiladas  ( Mexican again--go Figure)

1 pound Shredded or Cubed Cooked Chicken
8-10 Corn Tortillas Softened ( refer to Beef Enchiladas Recipe)
2- 8 oz containers of Sour Cream 
1/2 package of Cream Cheese
2 Cans Green Enchilada Sauce
1/2 Chopped Onion ( dice if you must, but cmon)
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp chili powder

Preheat the oven to 350. 

In a frying pan on medium heat add the onion and saute.  I don't like to use oil when I saute, so I just spray the pan prior with cooking spray and go.  Once the onions are soft, add your chicken, garlic powder and chili powder.  Stir everything around a few times and then get ready for the good stuff.   

Add the cream cheese to the chicken and onion in the pan.  It should start to melt pretty quickly, however it will be thick and everything will stick to it. Which of course is good, because cream cheese and anything is heaven.  After the cheese has started to melt add the sour cream and one can of enchilada sauce.  Start stirring.  You want the cream cheese to melt, so you will need to make sure you stir everything really well.  Once everything is mixed into a pan of greatness, let the mixture bubble. This will happen fairly quickly, so you can turn the heat down a bit. Make sure everything gets warm.  You don't want it to get too thick, however you need to make sure that everything cooks together.  Once the mixture starts bubbling, remove it from the heat. 

In a glass baking dish take a spoonful of the mixture and place it in the bottom.  You want to spread it around the dish to make sure that your tortillas don't stick.  You can use cooking spray again if you want, but that's not as much fun.  Live a little.   

Take a softened corn tortilla ( I will normally soften mine while the chicken filling is cooking and I'm waiting for it to bubble) and place it on a plate.  Into the tortilla  spoon a tablespoon or more of the filling. Roll it up and place into a glass baking dish seam side down.  Repeat for the rest of the tortillas or until you run out of room in your baking dish and don't feel like messing up another one. 

This is where the second can of enchilada sauce and sour cream comes into play.  If you have quite a bit of the filling left over pour it over the top of your enchiladas.  It tastes good and you don't want to waste it.  Or you can save it and eat it with chips while you are waiting for the enchiladas to cook. Your call.  Take the second can of enchilada sauce and mix it with the second container of sour cream and then pour over your enchiladas. 

Place in the oven for about 15-20 minutes.  You are just wanting to heat up the sauce on top of the enchiladas so anything longer and you will have rubbery tortillas. 

Serve with your favorite sides and oh, they are so better the next day. I will sometimes make them up the night before and cook them the next day. 

Never said these were healthy recipes. I just stated they were pretty dang good recipes. Life is short people, eat what you like. In moderation. Or if you are having a bad day, screw everything and make both for dinner. 

So here you go Nick, Macey, Sam , Hurricane and the other people of my world who requested I share.  Hope you are happy and I do expect presents...


Monday, June 27, 2011

Killing a Few Vegetables

Yeah. I know it's been awhile. Life, work, etc. I promise to try and keep up with it on at least a more regular basis. Hopefully. Maybe. We will see.

A few things for those who have decided to read my blog for the first time, I love Mexican Food, anything spicy, very simple meals and exclamation points. I love to cook, but I'm not going to spend hours in the kitchen just to make a meal. I'm all about simple, cheap, and quick meals that taste pretty damn good. Maybe you'll find something you like or want to try or maybe you'll realize I've fooled my friends and family for years by making them think I know what I'm doing. Either way, welcome and enjoy!

For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath for me to return, um, get a life? Hopefully you'll find some new things to try out and improve upon. If nothing else, you'll get some new ideas of what not to cook for dinner. Yes my dear friends. I'm back. Sorry to inform you.

Lately I've been in a vegetarian mood. Now then, pick yourself up off the floor and quit laughing. I'm not in a vegetarian mood because I don't like to eat meat. Have you seen me? I'm the cheeseburger queen and I like my steaks medium rare with enough juice on the plate to change the color of my mashed potatoes. No, the reason I've been going "veg" lately is because honestly, it's too damn hot and I haven't been in the mood to eat meat. Plus, we all know that it's good for your heart, cholesterol, blah, blah, blah. Trust me guys, I'll be throwing some poor animal on the grill in no time. For now, however, I wanted to share a few things I've been cooking up. Haha. "Cooking up". Get it? Cooking? Recipe blog? Anyway....

I'm not a huge fan of chili. Now don't get me wrong, I will partake in a good bowl a couple of times a year and who doesn't like a chili dog? Or a chili cheeseburger? They are greatness. I'm just not one of these people who is "famous" for their chili or who gets excited about. I will only make it if asked or if I'm bored and nothing else is in the pantry. Now that I've said all that, I have recently discovered vegetarian chili. Now before you freak out and think it's full of vegetables or some weird soy meat product and tofu, remember who you are dealing with here.

I had heard of vegetarian chili for awhile and wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I looked up hundreds of recipes online and nothing sounded appetizing. The ones I found were for those people who actually weren't making chili, they were making weird concoctions with chili powder and masa. Not my idea of good eats. I decided why not just make chili, without the meat. Simple enough right? Let me tell ya, not only is it tasty, but I actually look forward to eating it. I know. Crazy!

I'm providing my recipe below and I do understand that everyone has their own "secret" chili style, etc so feel free to add or subtract what you want. Trust me, I experiment with people's recipes all the time. Oh, and let's not call it "vegetarian", let's just call it Five Bean Chili. Ok? I'm a Texas gal and have no plans on losing that credibility.

Five Bean Chili

1 Can Chili Beans
1 Can Dark Kidney Beans
1 Can Light Kidney Beans
1 Can Pinto Beans
1 Can Black Beans
1/2 Medium Yellow Onion Diced
1/2 Jar Jalapenos ( with juice)
1 small Can Tomato Sauce
1 small Can Tomato Paste
I can Rotel Tomatoes
Garlic Powder
Cayenne Powder
Chili Powder
Black Pepper

Before everyone starts flipping out about canned beans, etc. If you want to go through the trouble of cooking all those beans from a bag for less preservatives, etc. Go for it. Me? I personally rinse off all the beans (except the chili beans) prior to putting them in the pot. Do what makes you happy.

Now then, because it is so hot, I cook this in my crock pot. You can also make it on the stove and it's just as good.

Into the crock pot add the diced onion, beans, tomatoes, jalapenos ( with juice, that's the good stuff), tomato paste and sauce.

Now comes the seasonings. I personally do not measure anything. I'm a firm believer in "eye balling" it. I'll do the best I can, but you can add more or less based on your own tastes. If I'm feeling adventurous and have it on hand, I will add masa to thicken it up and maybe a little beer. This is my standard version.

Add 1 TB garlic powder, 2 TB chili powder, 1 Tsp cayenne pepper ( I use a tablespoon), salt and pepper to taste and I will usually add a bit more jalapeno juice.

If you are cooking this in the crock pot, add about 1/2 a cup of water if you did not include the juice from the beans. This will keep everything from drying out. If you are cooking this on the stove and did not include the juice from the beans, add about half a cup of water or less. I personally just rely on the jalapeno juice for the main liquid and about 1/4 cup of water to the crock pot. Again, I like things hot and spicy. If you did just dump the beans in with all their glory, first -GOOD FOR YOU--second, you might not need any additional liquid.

Stir everything in the crock pot and turn the heat to low for 4 hours or high for two hours. If you are cooking it on the stove, it should take about an hour. You can quicken this process by sauteing the onions and jalapenos ahead of time. At this point you are truly just heating up the beans and melding the flavors. I would say it should only take about 30 minutes to cook.

I like to serve this over chips, either Frito's or corn chips with cheese, additional onion on top and sour cream.

It's also good over eggs, in enchiladas or in tacos. Ive tried it over hot dogs and its ok, but....not recommended.

See, now that's not so bad for a meal that doesn't include meat. Oh, did I mention that it's actually really cheap too?


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Huevos Goodness

I love Mexican food, I love breakfast, ergo, I love Huevos Rancheros. It has eggs. It has cheese. It has beans. It has all the yummy stuff that makes me smile. There are 100s of varieties, so I'm providing one of the easiest versions. Get creative with it, you can't go wrong. Trust me. You'll have new best friends if you make them this dish. Your kids will clean their rooms, your significant other will do their own laundry. You will become the most awesome person in the world. Well, at least till they finish eating. Go ahead, try it.

Huevos Rancheros

8 eggs
8 Corn Tortillas
1/4 Cup Canola Oil
1 Can Refried Black Beans ( you want the flavor of black beans, trust me)
Favorite Salsa
Shredded Cheese

1.Heat the oil in a frying pan. Once hot, soften your tortillas. Just a few seconds on each side and remove. Place them on a plate layered with napkins. You want to soak up some of the grease.

2. Place two tortillas on each plate. It's okay if they overlap.

3. Cover each tortilla with the refried beans ( I suggest warming them up ahead of time)

4. Crack two eggs into your pan with the oil. You are wanting to make the eggs over easy or over medium. If you don't like fried eggs you can scramble them, but cmon live a little. Try them fried. I don't like runny yolk and over medium works perfectly for me.

5. Place two eggs on top of the tortillas.

6. Cover the tortillas with your favorite salsa.

7. At this point you can add anything else you like to the dish. I like to add sliced jalapenos, black olives or green chilies.

8. Cover. And I mean COVER the tortillas with shredded cheese. Cheese makes everything better.

9. To melt the cheese you can place it in the microwave for a few seconds. You don't want the tortillas to get chewy. I like to use heavy plates and put mine in the oven on broil to get everything bubbly and melty and heavenly.

10. You can serve topped with sour cream and/or guacamole.

11. Enjoy the goodness.

Easy. Cheesy. Yummyness.

You can make this with flour tortillas, pinto beans, or whole black beans if you prefer. I've made this with tostada shells when I was in a big hurry. Good, but more crunchy than I wanted. Use any type of shredded cheese you want. Go crazy with it. You cannot mess this dish up.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Did Someone Say Fish Tacos???

Fish Tacos are my new favorite things in the whole world. Think about it, fish tacos on a patio somewhere with a cold beer and great friends. Life doesn't get any better right? Well, I'm easy to please, so to me it sounds pretty damn good . Even if you don't like fish, I think you'll love these. I tend to be heavy with the spices and flavors when I cook, so it works great for these tacos. No fish flavor, so even your pickiest eater won't have an excuse. Though if you are friends with a picky eater, why are you cooking for them? Hand them some peanut butter and a loaf of bread and tell them to enjoy.

Oh yeah, I cannot take full credit for these tacos. It is a mixture of about five or six different versions I have read or have been told at some point or another. I'm sure my special touch is in there somewhere.

Grilled Fish Tacos

1 lb Mahi Mahi ( Tilapia works just as well)
1 tsp chili powder
1/4 cup canola oil
chopped cilantro ( use to taste, I personally am not a big fan, so I use about two tablespoons, of course if you love it, go for it and use as much as you want)
1 Fresh Jalapeno chopped fine
8 Corn Tortillas
Shredded Cabbage ( if you aren't a normal cabbage eater, buy the prepackaged coleslaw, it works perfectly)
1/2 chopped red onion
1 can drained sweet corn
1 chopped avocado

Place your fish in a baking dish.
Mix together in a bowl the oil, chili powder,cilantro, jalapeno and lime juice. This is your marinade for the fish.
Pour this over the fish and let is marinade for about 20 minutes.
Take the fish and place it on your preheated grill skin side up (yes the fish has skin, sheesh get over it). This should take about four to five minutes. If you are using thin pieces of fish, then lessen your time.
Flip the fish over and cook it skin side down for about another 45 seconds to one minute.
Remove the fish from the grill and you can flake the fish off the skin with a fork after it sits for a few minutes. ( see, you don't EAT the skin, ya dork)
Heat up your corn tortillas in the microwave or the grill ( i prefer the grill, but whatever floats your boat)
Put the fish, some cabbage, red onion, avocado and corn in the tortilla. You can also top with some additional cilantro, lime juice, and some salsa, hot sauce, pace, whatever you want to call it.

As far as a side dish for these, I would not suggest refried beans or anything heavy. I will usually make guacamole ( YES, we like avocado around here) and some black beans. You could also make a grilled vegetable medley of bell peppers, squash, mushrooms, onions, and zucchini. I like to season mine with olive oil, garlic powder, and ground black pepper.

So there you go, finally a healthy dish. It hurt me to write this, but I'll get over it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cream Cheese Makes Everything Better

Chicken and I have a love/hate relationship. There are times when I can't get enough of it, chicken enchiladas, chicken spaghetti, and of course, chicken fried chicken. The rest of the time, I'm usually less than excited about having chicken. If it is grilled, broiled, roasted or baked, I'm out. I'll eat it, but not with my normal enthusiasm. I know I know, it probably all has to do with the seasoning, marinade, rub, or whatever, but that still doesn't make me a fan. This being said, I have been attempting to spice it up a bit and try new things to make me love chicken all the time. This recipe came out of my love for cream cheese, jalapenos and tortillas chips. It received a "damn that was good" from The Boy!

Jalapeno Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

4 Chicken Breasts ( or thighs if you prefer dark meat)
2 Fresh Jalapenos ( chopped)
1 Pkg Whipped Cream Cheese (room temperature)
2 Cups Crushed Tortilla Chips

Preheat Oven to 425

1. Combine the cream cheese and diced jalapenos in a medium bowl.
2. Butterfly cut the chicken breasts. It doesn't have to be perfectly even, you just want to make sure that one half isn't obviously thicker than the other. This makes it easier to cook all the way through.
3. Place your crushed tortilla chips in a shallow bowl.
4. Take two big spoonfuls of the cream cheese mixture and spread it on one side of each piece of chicken. I want to taste the filling, not have it as an after thought.
5. Fold the second half of the chicken on top .
6. Place each piece of chicken into the shallow bowl with the tortilla chips and make sure they are covered on both side. Chips do not stick as easy as bread crumbs or flour, so you may need to pat them gently into the chick to cover it.
7. Put the chicken in your baking dish and cook from 20-30 minutes depending on the thickness of the breasts.
8. When the chicken is cooked and the cream cheese is melty and gooey, plate it and you are ready to go.

You really don't want a sauce to go with the chicken, because it will make the tortilla chips soggy, so we just used salsa. I served it with a mix of black beans/corn and a big salad.

You can use pickled jalapenos if you don't like fresh. You can add chili powder or powdered ranch to the crushed tortilla chips if you want some extra flavor.

I know it's too hot to turn the stove on some nights, but this one is worth it. Leftovers can be reheated in the regular oven or toaster oven and it's just as good if not better.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Party People!!

It's that time of year when everyone starts having friends and family over for cook outs. Sitting on patios, hanging on back porches, relaxing by pools. My favorite time of year by far! Some of the best food you will have all year is made from May to September. Burgers, steaks, ribs, and the almighty hot dog. The best way to get invited to all the good parties? Bring good food. Sheesh. People don't like to invite the person who always brings chips or store bought potato salad. Cmon now, we want something homemade! Something good.

If you get invited to my house for a cook out you should at least take it out of the box or plastic container before showing up. KIDDING. Sort of. Not really. Seriously.

Here are a couple simple, but really good recipes to bring to the next party. You'll get invited back or at least more often. I promise.

Jalapeno Poppers

(My momma gets credit for this one)

12 Fresh Jalapenos (each pepper makes two poppers, so buy based on the amount of hungry mugs you are going to be feeding)
1 pkg fat free whipped cream cheese (room temperature)
12 pieces bacon ( you can use turkey bacon to be healthier, but it gets chewy not crunchy)

Preheat oven to 425 and line a large cookie sheet with aluminum foil.

If you have never handled fresh jalapenos just remember DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE till after you are finished and can wash your hands thoroughly. You can use gloves if you have them.

Cut the stems off the jalapenos and then cut them in half long ways. Remove the veins and seeds from the jalapenos with a knife if you are good, or you can use a spoon. This takes the majority of the heat from the peppers and you still have the great flavor. I do not suggest putting the jalapeno stems or seeds in the disposal. Trust me. Your eyes will water and you won't be able to breathe.

Take a spoonful of cream cheese and put it in each jalapeno half. It's okay if it overflows, go for it.

Take the bacon and cut in half. Take the 1/2 piece of bacon and wrap it around the jalapeno. Place it on the cookie sheet seam side down.

Pop in the oven for about 30 minutes. The longer you cook them the sweeter the peppers and the crunchier the bacon.

Remove from the oven and let them cool for about five minutes before serving.

Black Bean and Corn Salsa

2 Cans Sweet Corn
2 Can Black Beans
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Green Bell Pepper
1 Yellow Bell Pepper
2 Fresh Jalapenos
3 Roma Tomatoes
1 Medium Red Onion
Garlic Powder
Lime Juice
Cilantro to taste

Chop the peppers, tomato and onion. Remove the veins and seeds from the jalapeno before you chop. Put all of these into a medium bowl.

Drain the black beans and rinse off all the juice. Add to the bowl. Drain one can of the corn and add both to the bowl.

Add salt, garlic powder, lime juice and cilantro to taste.
Mix everything together and chill for a few hours. Serve with tortilla chips.

If you are in a hurry, run by the store and grab a brick of cream cheese, a jar of jalapeno jelly and crackers. Place cream cheese on a plate, pour the jelly on top and serve. If you can't find jalapeno jelly, use raspberry preserves(seeds are a must!) and a jar of jalapenos. Pour jalapeno juice on top of the preserves.

Enjoy and you can always bring these to my casa!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Breakfast is for Champions

I love breakfast food. I can eat it anytime of day and actually prefer to have it for dinner. Cereal, oatmeal, french toast, breakfast tacos. You name it, I love it. Breakfast is easy and cheap and just admit it, makes you smile

Breakfast Tacos

1/2 lb breakfast sausage ( i like to use chorizo, but your normal folks can use breakfast sausage)
1 medium onion --i like chunky, but chop how you like.
1 can green chilies( this is optional, but trust me its really good)
2 large potatoes, peeled and grated
8 large eggs
1/4 cup milk
2 cups shredded Colby jack cheese

1. Brown sausage in a pan till its almost completely cooked. If you are using chorizo, its ok to go ahead and cook it completely through.
2. Add onions and cook till they are clear.
3. Add the green chilies and potatoes. You will need to cook for about 5 minutes or until the potatoes are soft.
4. Crack the eggs and whisk them with the milk in a medium sized bowl.
5. Add the eggs to the pan and cook till done, set, whatever term you like to use. Cook them to your liking.
6. Put the mixture in a warmed flour tortilla and add cheese and your favorite salsa.

If you are feeling guilty for all the potatoes and grease and cheese you are ingesting, add some watermelon or orange slices on the side.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Not Good for You For But So Worth It

I didn't do any major cooking this week. Made a few standards that were quick and easy. I have however been thinking of a couple of things that I have made before and might add them to my menu in a couple of weeks. These recipes are SO not good for you, but you only live once and you don't have to make them all in the same week. Sheesh!

Sinful Burgers

1 lb breakfast sausage
1 lb ground beef
2 Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
1/2 cup grated Parmesan Cheese
1/3 tsp course ground pepper
1/3 chopped onion
1/3 chopped bell pepper

In a large bowl combine all the ingredients.
Form into 8 patties. Cook over medium heat on each side. About 10-15 minutes each.
Serve on your favorite buns and add toppings. I like bleu cheese and jalapenos, but whatever makes you happy.

Turkey Bacon Salad

5 Slices Crispy Bacon--I like to use thick cut bacon, but you can use turkey or your normal bacon
2 Cups Sugar Snap Peas
1/2 Cup Mayo
1 Tbsp Dijon Mustard
1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tbsp Fresh Dill
1 Diced avocado
Romaine Lettuce--coarsely torn ( NEVER cut lettuce, it makes it turn brown too quick)
1/2 Pound Turkey Breasts--cut into strips

Cook peas, covered in boiling salt water for about two minutes or until crisp.
Crumble one slice of bacon. Break the remaining slices. I know weird, but trust me.
In a bowl stir together the mayo, mustard, vinegar and dill. Add the crumbled bacon and stir. Arrange the lettuce, peas, turkey , avocado and bacon on a plate and top with the dressing. Gorgeous and awesome. I'm a fan of sprouts, so I like to add a few of them to my salad as well.

Chocolate Walnut Pie

2 Pkgs Instant Chocolate Pudding
2 Cans Condensed Milk
1/4 Cup Hershey Syrup
1 Prepared Pie Crust
1/4 cup finely chopped walnuts
1/4 cup chocolate chips--semi-sweet

Prepare pudding mix--whisk both boxes with the condensed milk
Add Hershey's Syrup
In the bottom of your pie crust create a layer of walnuts and chocolate chips.
Pour pudding mix on top.

I suggest letting this chill for at least an hour. When serving I like to top it with cool whip, walnuts and chocolate chips. This is OH so rich. A small piece will more than enough.

There you have it, some easy dishes for those nights when you want something different and don't feel like being good.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Soakin it Up!

This time of year we do not cook. We grill. A lot. I don't like a hot kitchen and it means that the boy is an active participant in the food making activities. I do all the chopping, marinading, potato salad making and he gets to play with the new grill he HAD to have. I will admit however, that he is much better at it then I am. This goes back to my lack of patience in the kitchen. I CAN do it, I just don't LIKE to do it. I cannot stand there and watch something cook, count how many minutes its been out there or check the internal temperature of a piece of meat. He gets the honor. I don't have any fancy recipes for the grill, but I love to mix sauces and spices to come up with a new marinade for meats and dips for the veggies.

Marinade-- I LOVE this marinade on chicken, fish, and pork.

2 Tbsp Soy Sauce ( if you don't have soy sauce, go buy some. I use low sodium)
1 Tbsp Honey
2 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Tbsp Chopped Garlic ( you can use the kind in a jar if you don't have fresh)
1 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar
Ground Black Pepper

*If you are feeding more than four people, than I would say double the ingredients. You can always put the extra in the fridge for next time. Also, if you want a sweeter sauce add more honey. More savory, add more soy sauce , garlic, whatever. Make it to your taste. I've used Teriyaki in place of the soy sauce and it's just as good.

Place all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk. ( I would say stir, but I like using my whisk just so I look like I'm doing something creative and complicated. ) Pour over your meat and chill for up to two hours. Easy enough.

Two of my new favorites for the grill are squash and asparagus.

Cut fresh squash long ways. It's easier to grill that way. I season mine with Lemon Pepper or Cajun Seasonings. You can put olive oil on them if you want, but I prefer just the dry seasonings.

The asparagus goes in a bowl with sea salt, ground black pepper and olive oil. Toss.

Place them all on the grill and cook.

The Boy is all about dipping his grilled vegetables in some sort of sauce, which we argue about on a regular basis. To make him happy, well actually to get him to shut up, I will usually make Wasabi Mayo. I stole this from my little sister. Hey, give credit where it is due.

Wasabi Mayonnaise

1/2 tsp Wasabi Paste *
1/4 cup Mayo
1 tsp Lime Juice
2 splashes of Soy Sauce ( yes I used the word splash)

*start off with this small amount and add more to your taste-- I use the "hey, get in here and taste this and tell me if you want more kick" test. If you have a cold or allergies, load up on this stuff, you'll feel better in no time. Trust me.

Mix the wasabi and the mayo in a bowl. ( You can add more mayo if you are scared of the wasabi or feeding a larger crowd. ) Add the soy sauce and lime juice and stir. Place in the fridge till you are ready to eat. You get the sweet and the kick. My two favorite things in one.