Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why Not Right?

I am horrible about sharing recipes. Not because I'm stingy or selfish ( though I will admit the few times I have given someone a recipe, I will sometimes leave out the extras I throw in to make it extra tasty) but because I'm lazy and have zero patience in the kitchen. I don't follow recipes, so I don't write down recipes. I believe everyone should cook to their tastes and make each dish their own, even if they are following a recipe. To me recipes are basically just an extended ingredient list and the rest is a suggestion on what to do with these ingredients.

With all this being said, it was suggested to me that I create a blog in which I post what dishes I am making, what is in it and how I made it. I guess what the rest of you would call a "recipe blog" Now I must warn you, I cook what I like. This means quite a bit of cheese, olive oil, jalepenos, and of course bread. You will not find any fancy recipes here. Just good old fashioned "throw it in a pot or pan and cook" type of recipes. On the few occasions that I do feel adventurous, it's either because I'm bored or I just watched the Food Network. You all know what I mean, don't pretend you don't.

I made sandwhiches for dinner tonight, so unless you are clueless on how to make a good sammich, I will spare you the details. Though, if from time to time I make a sandwhich that just requires a few minutes of bragging, you might see it here.

If anyone has suggestions on a recipe, by all means let me know. I'm constantly changing up what I do and trying to either make it less typical or just better.

Enjoy and you can NOT hold me accountable for any pounds gained during this blog.

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